The Snoot Loop halter gives you easy, gentle control over your dog. The Snoot Loop, attached to a leash, guides your dog's head. Because the leash will now attach under the chin instead of at the neck, your dog cannot pull or lunge as it can with a collar.

You do not need to yank or pull on the leash when using a Snoot Loop and your dog does not strain or choke. Even a small dog can exert a lot of force by pulling on a collar with its neck and shoulders. But with a Snoot Loop halter, even a small person can control a large dog.

You can effectively teach your dog to refrain from jumping up on people, inside or outside the home. The Snoot Loop also can be used to prevent and stop barking or growling.

With the Snoot Loop, you do NOT "jerk" the leash. A gentle, steady, light pull is sufficient. Your dog learns by itself that pressure on the nose loop means "stop" and that it cannot go forward until pressure on the nose loop ceases. Your control becomes more like the gentle guidance you give a well-trained riding horse rather than the constant pulling of an unruly dog.

Since you will now have the needed control by using the Snoot Loop, you can relax inside your home as well as outside. Your dog will be happier and more eager to please and will learn and understand proper behavior in a positive way. Walking outside will be more enjoyable because you can give your dog more opportunity to sniff, explore, and play.

You can order a SNOOT LOOP today ONLINE or mail or fax your order.

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